Cemetery Fees

Cemetery Uploaded on June 1, 2024

Cemetery Fees 2024



Resident                 Non Resident                         Non Resident

with village relatives                 with no village relatives

Burial Plot purchase               £220                            £880                                              £2200


Internment of body                 £195                            £780                                              £1950


Ashes Plot purchase                £85                              £340                                              £850


Internment of ashes                £85                              £340                                              £850


Memorial Stone                      £195                            £780                                              £1950


Ashes Plaque                          £115                            £460                                             £1150


Additional inscription             £55                              £220                                              £550


For still born babies and children under one year of age there will be no charge. For children up to 12 years of age the charge will be half that of an adult.



Plots may be purchased by contacting the Parish Council and every effort will be made to meet

the wishes of the families. A certificate giving a ‘Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial’ is issued

and the name of the person is entered on a site map of the cemetery. The plots can be

purchased at any time but can be used for only one internment of a body although ashes

can also be interred.



Are applicable to:

1) A person who immediately before death, or when reserving a plot, was a resident in

Willersey Parish.

2) A person who has at some time been a resident in Willersey Parish for at least 5 years.

3) Internment in a previously reserved plot or second internment in an existing plot.

4) Children of parents currently resident in Willersey.

5) A person who, prior to death, was resident in hospital, home for the elderly or similar and,

who immediately before removal to such a place, was resident in Willersey Parish.



Following the internment the grave is usually marked with a temporary wooden cross until

arrangements are made for a permanent headstone to be erected. This is usually between

six and twelve months later, this is arranged by the Stone Mason who will apply to the

Parish Council for approval of the design.



These are available from the Parish Council.

By order of Willersey Parish Council, June 1st 2024